WERKSTEP concept

Making healthy standing easy!
The elastic texture and knobbly surface of WERKSTEP work mats reduce the stress placed on bones, joints and muscles. Pressure on the sensitive toe and ball sections of the foot is reduced considerably as the mats cushion the weight of the body. This helps keep the feet in motion, imperceptibly stimulating circulation. The WERKSTEP workplace mat promotes blood circulation in the legs.

WERKSTEP workplace mats promote health and prevent injury, helping employees stand continuously without placing undue stress on their bodies.

The WERKSTEP range of products

WERKSTEP Comfort mat:
The universal, extremely rugged mat for wet and dry areas.

WERKSTEP Drehfit Comfort mat:
The mat for workplaces that require frequent rotating.

WERKSTEP Classic mat:
The rugged, economical mat for all dry areas.

WERKSTEP Hydrofit mat:
The mat for workplaces exposed to water, oil or chips and shavings.

So many great reasons

The WERKSTEP workplace mat is an ergonomic floor covering that has been researched and tested to respond to the permanent stress of standing workstations.
The basic material is made of polyurethane, a closed cell structure with a durable surface featuring a silky matte finish and visually appealing outer skin. WERKSTEP workplace mats are made using an especially dense basic material that provides a stronger return force for superb durability.

WERKSTEP workplace mats feature:

  • High wear resistance
  • Good behaviour characteristics even at extremely low temperatures
  • Extraordinary ageing resistance
  • Long life
  • Extreme dimensional stability
  • Durability
  • Environmental compatibility (free of silicone, CFC, HCFC, PVC, propellant gas and solvents)

Protecting, insulating and easy to care for
WERKSTEP workplace mats protect and insulate floor coverings and ground surfaces.
Their attractive design creates a clean, friendly workplace atmosphere. They are easy to handle and clean.

Flexible and individual
The standard dimensions of 60 x 90 cm can be adapted to create custom-tailored solutions for workstations of any size or shape. Our variety of styles leaves nothing to be desired.

Select from:
  • A variety of materials
  • A range of colours
  • Anti-static design/span>
  • Anti-slip
  • Flame retardant
  • Water repellent/span>

What customers say
What customers say – Quote This investment really paid off for us! Our employees benefit from an ergonomic workplace that puts health and safety first. This makes everyone more motivated and productive.