From design engineering to customer service, from sales to production to purchasing, every WERKSITZ employee is committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied. Flawless customer service paired with strict quality standards are the rules we live by. In line with our company philosophy, we always incorporate the latest ergonomic insights from research and technology directly into our new products.

Quality is the top priority at WERKSITZ, so our quality management system has been certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard for years. We manufacture the majority of our components in Germany.

Naturally, WERKSITZ also meets all of the safety and quality specifications outlined in the DIN 68 877 work chair standard as well as Article 25 of the Workplace Directives. The GS certification mark confirms the safety of our chairs and the contribution they make to users’ well-being. We have our own testing lab, where our work chairs undergo stress tests.

This is how we ensure our products are always of the highest quality